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Representation 9329 on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers by Bill Noakes

Original submission

* This site is unsuitable due to it being a residential location unlike the other sites being proposed. There is extremely high demand for housing in Wingerworth, and if this site was being developed at all, first consideration should be given to housing demands in the area.
* In any case, the access to the site would have to be from the A61, which makes it unsuitable for any development. This road is absolutely vital to the regional economy and is likely to be upgraded. Accessing developments straight onto the road at this point would be detrimental to the needs of the wider county in the future.
* The site is surrounded by established housing, making a traveller site much less sensible than the other, semi-rural sites proposed.
* The A61 is a very busy & fast road, meaning the site would have high air pollution and would be unsafe for children.

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