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Representation 9361 on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers by Mrs Glynis McLaughlin

Original submission

We already have one G and T site why is there a need to increase this site in this local environment?
Connection to Utility services, old drainage system in existence ( possibly unable to cope with increase usage) no gas in area only electricity. Surface water drainage a problem as the entrance to the site is subject to flooding and nearby fields.
Access to highway Dark Lane is a single track lane, with no pedestrian pavements, the entrance to the site does not have the required splays. Historic volume of traffic and speed at which vehicles travel is a major hazard.
Air and noise pollution is an ongoing issues with the existing site as is the number of dogs not confirmed to the site, roaming the highway and nearby properties. Many of the issues we have had with the existing site NEDDC are aware of but have they have not been resolved. To increase this site would only compound these issues.

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