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Representation 9481 on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers by Bellway Homes Limited (East Midlands) represented by Pegasus Group (East Midlands Office) (Mr James Hicks)

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Document Link: Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers - Main Matter 15 - Whether or not the plan would make appropriate provision for gypsy and traveller accommodation over the plan period having regard to the evidence of need and proposed sites?, Issue - Whether or not the proposed sites identified for gypsy and traveller accommodation would be soundly based in terms of their location and site specific impacts, Site GT/06 - Greenway, Wingerworth, Question 25
Representation: Summary by Officer

An access to site GT/06 would require vehicles to turn right from the A61 in to the site from a position within the right turning lane of the ghost island provided to shelter vehicles turning right in to Hanging Banks. This would be unsafe and lead to unacceptable impacts on highway safety. For that reason, Derbyshire County Council were correct to say that access to site GT/06 could not be safely provided and North East Derbyshire District Council are correct to withdraw their promotion of the site. Bellway support that position, agreeing that site GT/06 cannot be safely accessed from the A61, for the reasons cited in the attached ADC Infrastructure Report.
At examination: Written representation

Original submission

Examination Consultation on Gypsy and Traveller Documents and Proposed Sites
I am instructed on behalf of Bellway Homes (East Midlands) to make representations to the above consultation.

Bellway Homes have a substantial housing development under construction to the west side of Derby Road (A61) in Wingerworth. This site benefits from outline planning permission (ref:14/00763/OL) and all reserved matters and conditions have since been discharged. The site is currently under construction. The site benefits from a single point of access to Derby Road in the form of a ghost island T-junction.

The proposed allocation GT/06 - Greenway (Hunloke Estate, Wingerworth), subject to this consultation, is located on the east side of Derby Road (A61), broadly opposite the access to the Bellway Homes site. Whilst there are no fixed details for the vehicular access to GT/06, it is clear that access would need to be from Derby Road, as there is insufficient land available to the Greenway frontage to facilitate vehicular access.

Bellway homes have concerns that there is likely to be a conflict between their approved access and the required access to GT/06.

It is noted that the Council, upon advice from Derbyshire County Council in their capacity as the Highway Authority, have since acknowledged this point and have withdrawn site GT/06 from the plan. Bellway Homes are supportive of this action and concur that there is a conflict between their access and the accessibility of GT/06. To ensure that the Inspector has adequate justification to support the removal of this allocation, Bellway Homes have commissioned a full assessment of their access and the lack of opportunity to obtain a safe access from Derby Road to the GT/06 site. This work has been carried out by ADC

Infrastructure and copy is attached to this letter.

In summary, Bellway Homes is fully supportive of this removal of the allocation of GT/06 on
highway safety grounds, for the reasons cited in the attached ADC Infrastructure Report.

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