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Representation 9557 on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers by rob mallender

Original submission

Site CAL/2301T - The Old Potato Store, Dark Lane, Calow (2 pitches)
the local water course will become and is becoming contaminated with various elements, oils etc and again this will escalate. the site does not have sufficient facilities for drainage and connection to any existing services will cause issues in the local sewer. extensive work and cost would be required to install and maintain septic tanks to resolve the issue perhaps. the sewers on williamthorpe road have already had to undergo extensive work due to constant blockage and flooding of properties. this has resulted in catchment tanks having to be installed already.
local water mains are already struggling to maintain a sufficient water pressure for properties due to insufficient sizing. Any hard standing produced on the site will result in this running off into local farmers fields and local water courses which will result in contamination and flooding. local water courses in the area have newts and other species in which are at risk and be affected. the noise and disturbance will also affect the bats in the area which roost locally and in some of the outbuildings.

existing buildings are already being used in an unsafe manner with chimneys protruding and installed from appliances which again will escalate. the site itself will be intrusive of the local parkland and quiet local residential area

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