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Representations on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers - Question 2

Representation ID: 9707

SUPPORT Derbyshire County Council (Mr Steven Buffery)


Summary by Officer

Derbyshire County Council's officers consider that the GTAA is a comprehensive, thorough, robust and up-to-date piece of evidence to inform the pitch and plot requirements that are being identified in emerging district and borough Local Plans across Derbyshire, particularly the pitch and plot requirements over the period 2014 to 2019.
The GTAA has been tested at a number of Local Plan Examinations in Public (EIPs) since it was published and has been deemed by respective Inspectors to provide a sound and robust basis for the assessment of Gypsy and Traveller pitch and Travelling Showpeople's plot provision in emerging Local Plans.
Although Planning Policy for Traveller Sites has been revised by Government (August 2015) since the GTAA was published, primarily relating to Green Belt matters and an amended definition of Gypsies and Travellers, the GTAA is still considered to be compliant with requirements for accommodation assessments in the revised Policy document.

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Representation ID: 9668

OBJECT Sheelagh Judge


Summary by Officer.

The GTAA is not in line with planning policy as set out in the PPTS 2015. It pre-dates the changes set out in PPTS and Housing and Planning Act 2016.

The GTAA uses an outdated definition of traveller which includes those who have 'permanently ceased' to travel.

The methodology used is outdated and not robustly based. The results of the assessment does not provide an indication of current need. This issue was raised by the Inspector (letter 28/7/2018). Council response concluded that the impact may be to reduce the requirement slightly, if at all. This assumption is not based upon evidence and, given the proportion of respondents who would be excluded from the revised definition, the reduction in requirement will be more than slight.

The purpose of the new definition is to prevent unauthorised encampment. It could be concluded that the requirement for pitches may be low.

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Representation ID: 9666

OBJECT NEDDC Conservative Group represented by Mr Alex Dale


Summary by Officer.

The GTAA 2014 was based on 2007 guidance which has subsequently been withdrawn by the Government in 2016.
The Government produced new policy guidance in 2015 which altered the definition of gypsies and travellers, excluding those who have permanently ceased from travelling.
The GTAA is therefore out of date and we believe it no longer represents a relevant needs assessment on which the Council can base its provision requirements. The Council should have undertaken a new needs assessment which in our view would have resulted in lower level of need.
GTAA relies on data from surveys conducted in 2014, which are out of date and contrary to NPPF para 31.
The methodology relies on inadequate assumptions, for example that the inflow and outflow of gypsies and travellers would be equal, when there is no evidence provided to support this. The assessment does not accurately take account of those who do not wish to stay.

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Representation ID: 9579

OBJECT Ms. Rosanna Horton


Summary by Officer.

1. Incorrect definition of "traveller":
The GTAA 2014 (EB-G&T-1b) requirement for 15 additional sites between 2014-2034 is based on the old definition of "traveller" which includes those who have ceased to travel permanently (see EB-G&T-1b page 12).

Two thirds of the respondents to the GTAA survey stated that they did not intend to move in the future, suggesting that the people surveyed to identify the need for 15 sites did not themselves fall within the current definition of "traveller". Therefore the methodology used to identify the need is questionable. (EB G&T2)

2. Whether the site is in a desired area for travellers:
Requirement for 15 pitches is altered by taking account of the current (narrower) definition of traveller.

Members of the travelling community should be consulted on the specific site location. If it is not a desirable location, this supports the argument that the disadvantages of the site outweigh its advantages.

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