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Representations on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers - Question 9

Representation ID: 9726

OBJECT Mr Paul Gibbons


Summary by Officer

Generally gypsy sites are not just residential. Often there is some sort of trading or manufacturing goes on as well.

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Representation ID: 9712

SUPPORT Derbyshire County Council (Mr Steven Buffery)


Summary by Officer

Section 10.61 and 10.62 of the GTAA also sets out recommendations for the site size of new pitches noting that as a general guide, an average family pitch must be capable of accommodating at least an amenity building, a large trailer and touring caravan, drying space for clothes, a lockable shed, parking space for two vehicles and a small garden area.

Section 10.62 indicates that a pitch of approximately 325 square metres would take into account all minimum separation distance requirements between caravans and pitch boundaries as stipulated in guidance and regulations for caravan development. A pitch size of at least 500 square metres would accommodate the following on-pitch facilities:

* Hard standing for 1 touring / mobile caravan and 1 static caravan;
* 2 car parking spaces;
* 1 amenity block;
* Hard standing for storage shed and drying space;
* Garden / amenity area.

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Representation ID: 9353

OBJECT Mrs Glynis McLaughlin


Access to proposed site through existing site only.
No services on proposed site, currently laid to grass.
Highway issues, regarding entrance and increased vehicle usage on lane, history of speed issues on lane. Single track Lane with no pedestrian pavements

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