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Representations on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers - Site CAL/2301T - The Old Potato Store, Dark Lane, Calow (2 pitches) , Question 14

Representation ID: 9723

OBJECT Residents of Jubilee Cottages Calow represented by Mrs Glynis McLaughlin


Summary by Officer

The proposed development for 2 pitches with including a minimum of 4 additional 'caravans', some or all could be mobile homes, together with 2 further facility blocks, additional vehicles cars/lorries etc. together with the occupants minimum 4 adults, cannot be considered to be a 'small family gypsy site'.

To increase the existing site with additional pitches / caravans is unacceptable in this location as it would dominate the existing community and infringe on their quality of life and daily activities.

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Representation ID: 9360

OBJECT Mrs Glynis McLaughlin


No, access to the proposed site is through a privately owned site, there is no other access.
The proposed site is laid to grass therefore no services are directly available other than major disruption for installation through the existing site.
To increase the site by two pitches would double the size of the site and would clearly dominate the adjacent 6 cottages and neighbouring properties. It would also detract from the rural character and appearance of the location, urbaninsing the area even further than it is at present with the existing site.

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Representation ID: 9192

SUPPORT Mr Skye Hayes



More details about Rep ID: 9192

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