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Representations on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers - Site CAL/2301T - The Old Potato Store, Dark Lane, Calow (2 pitches) , Question 15

Representation ID: 9724

OBJECT Residents of Jubilee Cottages Calow represented by Mrs Glynis McLaughlin


Summary by Officer

The access to the proposed site would have to utilise the existing access from Dark Lane and route through the existing pitches to the north-west. The existing access is set back from the highway and a satisfactory level of visibility is not achievable as the land required is outside the control of the site owners. The proposed development would result in the intensification of the existing access and be detrimental to highway safety.

The impact of increased traffic on the rural lanes in the vicinity of the site would be detrimental to the character and appearance of this area of the countryside.

There are capacity issues with the existing foul drainage system to cope with further development in this location.

Surface water flooding is a problem that occurs on Dark Lane and adjacent grazing land which would be further compounded by the proposed development.

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Representation ID: 9713

SUPPORT Derbyshire County Council (Mr Steven Buffery)


Landscape Comments
The site is relatively small and unlikely to have any significant landscape or visual effects.

Flood Risk Comments
There are no flood risk issues associated with the proposed use of the site.

Highways Comments
Due to its small scale, no highways comments are made on this site.

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Representation ID: 9614

OBJECT Mr Adam Wood


Summary by Officer.

Although the site proposed would be an extension to the existing traveller site, there is the residential area in close proximity. An expansion would impinge on the natural beauty of this area, an unfair prospect for current residents.
The uncertainty as to whether suitable access can be made to the site seems highly problematic - the fact that Dark Lane is of a 'narrow and tortuous alignment' and so may impact upon the safety of other highway users is alarming. This would cause concern for current residents in the surrounding area.
The fact that access could impact on hedgerows indicates that there are environmental concerns; in an area where there seems to be increasing private housing development I feel we must protect the vacant land from any further urban sprawl and maintain areas, where possible, for forestry, agriculture as well as areas to provide habitat to wildlife.

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Representation ID: 9558

OBJECT rob mallender


local facilities and wildlife affected

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Representation ID: 9557

OBJECT rob mallender


local area and wildlife will be affected.

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Representation ID: 9361

OBJECT Mrs Glynis McLaughlin


Considering issues with local environment, connections to services, access to highway, air and noise pollution I do not think NEDDC have considered the impact on the residents living nearby.

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Representation ID: 9197

SUPPORT Mr Skye Hayes


No plan should be moved its nr to local residents to area and should be more away from local residents it should be away from houses and local residents ....and council need build mini small homes for visitors travellers

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