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Representations on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers - Site CAL/2301T - The Old Potato Store, Dark Lane, Calow (2 pitches) , Question 17

Representation ID: 9478

SUPPORT National Grid (Lucy Bartley )


Please see enclosed plan referenced ET307 at Appendix 1. The proposed Gypsy and Traveller site (CAL/2301T) is crossed or in close proximity to a National Grid high voltage electricity transmission overhead line.

The statutory safety clearances between overhead lines, the ground, and built structures must not be infringed. To comply with statutory safety clearances the live electricity conductors of National Grid's overhead power lines are designed to be a minimum height above ground. Where changes are proposed to ground levels beneath an existing line then it is important that changes in ground levels do not result in safety clearances being infringed. National Grid can, on request, provide to developers detailed line profile drawings that detail the height of conductors, above ordnance datum, at a specific site.

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Representation ID: 9363

OBJECT Mrs Glynis McLaughlin


Conditions were placed on the existing site, but these are not monitored by NEDDC and have been breached on several occasions, therefore I have no confidence that in future it will be any different.
Therefore I do not believe this is an acceptable form of development.

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Representation ID: 9346

OBJECT Calow Parish Council (Mr Adrian Anderson)


Summary by Officer.
Site CAL/2301T has been the subject of many issues in the past few years. These have been mainly down to the lack of planning enforcement by NEDDC. The site was granted planning permission to build an amenity block and an increase in the number of caravans allowed in the site. It is believed that the site has already exceeded the number of caravans allowed under these permissions with no enforcement action by NEDDC.
The Parish Council has serious concerns that, should this site be included as part of the gypsy and traveller provision, future development would be allowed to be carried out unmonitored and unenforced, much as the current position. The Parish Council would like stringent conditions placed upon NEDDC to enforce and monitor this site effectively, should it be included as provision and for any future development of the site.

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