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Representations on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers - Site NW/2301T - Dark Lane, North Wingfield, Question 19

Representation ID: 9606

OBJECT Mr John Lander


It's been brought to my attention that towards the end of Dark Lane North Wingfield the pot holes have been recently being repaired and the ditches cleaned out an the road looking a lot
tidier than it's been for a long time. I've observed a NEDDC /Bolsover Council road sweeper this afternoon cleaning around the vicinity, not seen this before, all seems
like a good impression make over situation.
Is some one making it look good for the Inspector visit to make it traveller/gypsy pitches appealing for approval to go ahead for acceptance for more traveller /gypsy.
I've heard the traveller/gypsy place at Wingerworth has been rejected , and I'll bet that Wooley Moor near Ashover will be strongly opposed too and rejected.

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Representation ID: 9383

OBJECT North Wingfield Parish Council (Mrs Yvonne Colverson)


North Wingfield Parish Council would like to object to the site on Dark Lane, North Wingfield, being included in the local plan as an established Gypsy and Traveller site.
We believe that, whilst acknowledging that travellers are already on the site, they are there without the relevant planning permission.
The community believes that it is counter intuitive to put this site into the local plan just because it is already there. This appears to turn the planning system on its head.
Whilst we are opposing this site for the reasons mentioned, if the inspector deems this site suitable, the Parish Council and local residents would like a guarantee that this site will not grow and there will be a limit of 3 plots that are designated in this proposal.

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Representation ID: 9195

SUPPORT Mr Skye Hayes


New plains for travellers etc should have mini homes built for thoses like to visit

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Representation ID: 9189

OBJECT Mr John Kirby


Why are extra spaces necessary when NE Derbyshire already has sites.

Will council-tax payers money be used to fund the site.

Have all planning regulations been followed in this application.

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