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Representations on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers - Site GT/06 - Greenway, Wingerworth, Question 24

Representation ID: 9630

OBJECT Wingerworth Parish Council (Charlotte Taylor)


The location of the site is not sustainable, there is not the infrastructure in Wingerworth to support the proposed site, particularly on this side of the A61. The nearest facilities are all on the other side of the A61, including shops, schools and doctors. However both schools and the local doctors surgery are already struggling to cope with existing capacity, so this would place further pressure on services.

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Representation ID: 9343

OBJECT Mr John Gascoigne


I want you to know the we the Gascoigne family in Wingerworth object STRONGLY to the proposals to bring a Traveller site to Greenaway in Wingerworth.
We have enough to cope with at the moment with all the proposed new house building in this area, none of it we approve of.

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Representation ID: 9337



I do not believe this site to be appropriate for development. We already have been swamped in Wingerworth with new properties being built and more being approved due to NEDCC being incompetent and not producing the relevant local plan as requested by the government.
We already have a local travellers site so why do we need more?

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Representation ID: 9296

OBJECT Mrs D Barker


The first I was aware of the proposed site on Greenway at Wingerworth was a leaflet through the door. As a Wingerworth resident ...redacted... plus the speeding traffic on Longedge Lane to get to the only shop in the village. I object. Please withdraw this plan. There are far too many housing developments pending in the village for the limited facilities as it is

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Representation ID: 9288

OBJECT Mrs Diana Ruff


This proposed site has always been deemed a grassed play area for children. Some years ago a resident did ask for planning permission to graze her ponies on this land and this application was refused on these grounds, so why is it now appropriate for a Travellers Site?

This site has a Public Footpath running across it - will this be closed off to residents from the Hunloke Estate?

No proper consultation has been under taken. The Parish Council and as l understand from Planning Cabinet Members also had no knowledge of this site being included in the "Local Plan".

From what l understand the Travelling Community have not been included in any consultation process and their view is that they would prefer existing sites to be extended. There are sites within NE that could be extended.

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Representation ID: 9286

OBJECT Jean Holland


Summary by Officer.

1. Site too small for the proposed 4 standings.
2. Nature of work that travelling communities engage in does not lend itself to being so close to a permanent residential area. The Travellers have as much right as any one to be able to earn a living and sustain their families and to deny that because of the very close proximity a mere two or three metres to residential properties would be defeating the object of providing good and appropriate housing.
3. Some Travellers feel a need to have dogs that warn them of possible encroaching dangers.
4. Horses and sometimes traps and carriages need space for grazing storing etc.

Consult with travelling families

The Gypsy and Traveller site near Hasland works well.

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Representation ID: 9267

OBJECT Mr Anthony O'Malley


I would like to register my views on the proposed travellers site at Greenway Wingerworth. Although the development no longer appears to be going ahead,it still has to be confirmed by the Independent Local Planning Inspectorate. A classic case of the cart before the horse. I would like to register my opposition to this plan but finding it difficult to navigate the web site. Can you please advise accordingly. With the ongoing development in Wingerworth and the lack of facilities at Greenway this proposal is a development too far.

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Representation ID: 9249

OBJECT Mr E Browne


Summary by Officer.

The site is too small. Concerns over dangerous access point and impact on road safety. Concern over how much space there will be on the site for the four pitches it accommodates, not suitable for the four pitches, nor enough space for self run businesses to operate from or connected storage needs.

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Representation ID: 9241

OBJECT Sally & Donny Lys


Summary by Officer.

We have experienced several significant proposed changes of land use around us, from land full sites to several housing developments and industrial estates. We accept that there is a huge demand for increased housing and many areas face redevelopment. We have yet to experience the impact of this increased number of residents to this area. To propose an addition to this already fragile and developing area seems absurd and unfair.

There is already an established traveller site within a 3 mile radius of this area. What are the benefits of having another site so close in such a built up residential area?

Concerns over wider impact of resources required to support travelling communities and monitor potential issues that could occur between existing residents and travellers.

Concern over increased demand on roads, community services, oversubscribed schools.

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Representation ID: 9239

OBJECT Mr Darrel Widdeson


Summary by Officer.

Site needs to accommodate the needs of both travellers and existing residents.

Site is too small, caravans would result in an unacceptable density, noise nuisance and invasion of privacy - for those using the site and for the immediate neighbours.

Land originally designated as a play area for children, regularly used by residents as a play area and footpath. Site could be covered by a legacy covenant.

Many homes are being built within a one-mile radius of the proposed site this is rapidly changing the area in to that of an overdeveloped one rather than rural.

The Wingerworth area has reduced availability of police officers and increasing levels of crime.

This site would be too small to accommodate self employed activities, which need storage space.

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Representation ID: 9236

OBJECT Mr & Mrs B Shepherd


The village has been overwhelmed due to lack of a local plan to support a sustainable growth of housing. The addition of a traveller site is neglecting the wants of the people in the village and the practicalities of what the local communications and road networks can support.

The area is already under policed and has been experiencing an uplift in crime with no local based officers to support the village community. The addition of more people will not help.

The roads are already inadequate along Derby Road - additional traffic will undoubtedly over stretch the network even further

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Representation ID: 9233

OBJECT Liberal Democrats (Mr Ross Shipman)


Summary and Element by Officer.

-Land left in perpetuity to the children of the Adlington estate, NEDDC have no right to include tit in their local plan. Their claim to Absolute Title would need to be established ahead of inclusion as a potential site.
-Site is a well-used amenity.
-Historic applications on site dismissed due to access issues and amenity value.
-Unacceptable density on site both for those using the pitch and those neighbouring the site.

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Representation ID: 9224

OBJECT Mr Simon Minter


I have a couple of items I want to report on 1 very serious the other trivial.I will start with the latter our street has for a few weeks now not had the 2 lights working at the top of the road can you arrange for these to be repaired. The more serious topic is the consultation for a gypsy/ traveller site to be built on land off greenway. This site borders established brick built residential properties, and to put such a site on this land would not be in keeping with the local area. This plan must not be allowed to come to fruition.

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Representation ID: 9217

OBJECT Adam & Louise Foot


We'd like to raise our objections to the proposed traveller site at Greenways Wingerworth.

Wingerworth is being challenged in lots of ways at the minute with increased housing and crime.

Our objections to the traveller site are as follows: 
Crime - burglaries, car thefts, drug use
Pressure on local amenities - roads, bus routes etc. School places - already short supply. 
Decrease in house values.

We strongly oppose to the site and would like this to be noted as our objection.

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Representation ID: 9216

OBJECT Mr Steve Lewis


Summary by Officer.
1.Scale, design and location of site is inappropriate and financially unviable. Main Road already overloaded with traffic due to existing development, further development will exasperate this. Financially it's unviable to develop the site for only four pitches when larger brownfield sites would provide better value for money.
2.Local utilities are already under strain. Chance of increased flooding, which Hanging Banks as already demonstrated, will make the site inappropriate, unsustainable and impracticable.
3.Difficult to understand how this overdeveloped area, and the strain being placed on it due insufficient logistics can be considered, when more suitable brownfield areas aren't, or weren't identified due to lack of research.

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Representation ID: 9215

OBJECT Mr James Thomson


I believe that the proposed access via Derby Road (A61 south) will potentially be extremely dangerous.
The traffic is already busy in the mornings and will get even busier when the housing development across the road is completed. Added to that is the Avenue development which will further increase traffic flow on the A61. Having an access road at the bottom of a hill and on a corner is a "recipe for disaster".

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Representation ID: 9214

OBJECT Mr & Mrs H M Butler


Summary by Officer.

The site is not big enough for use as a traveller site, as it needs clear space around the perimeter and between vehicles to comply with fire regulation, clear safe access for emergency vehicles and bin lorries, access road, parking spaces and turning areas.

The site would need to be lit all night to allow safe movement. This would add to light pollution for the site residents and surrounding homes.

The entrance of the proposed site is directly opposite the curzon park housing development entrance, This would effectively make that part of the A61 into a four way junction, near a blind bend. The A61 is a very busy road and adding even more traffic would be dangerous.

The residents of the site would be overlooked offering little privacy for site residents and existing residents. Vehicle noise transference from the A61 would be far greater in a trailer or caravan.

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Representation ID: 9209



Summary done by Officer.
The piece of land is completely unsustainable for a traveller site, it is already used by local residents for recreation. It would add unnecessary stress to otherwise poorly maintained roads and verges. It would add more traffic to an already busy derby road, and make roads more dangerous. It would mean that the residents would have to expose their children to more roadside emissions as they walk around the busy crowded estate.
Much green land around the estate and village has already been lost. This site is not appropriate or safe and will destroy a small, already suffering area.

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Representation ID: 9208

OBJECT Mr Alastair McNeill


I would like to object to the proposed location along the A61. The Wingerworth area has already been subject to a significant amount of development with the Brailsford Park Development, The Avenue and Hanging Banks. The local facilities are already at capacity and further development should not be permitted in the area.

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Representation ID: 9207

OBJECT Mrs Linda Joynes


The site is too small it would result in noise nuisance and invasion of privacy this area is already losing enough green space

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Representation ID: 9205

OBJECT Mr Matthew Beal


The site is currently used for children and people exercising dogs in a safe road free area. The site also contains a footpath into the nearby housing estate which appears to be lost under the proposed changes. It seems that additional access to the A61 will be required which is a road already fraught with problems with additional access for the new housing estate also being added just down from the blind crest this is a potential hazard.

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Representation ID: 9201

OBJECT Mr John Winter


Yet another piece of green land would be lost to Wingerworth. Why Wingerworth? Why not Holymoorside which has escaped new development recently and has no pressure on the roads, school etc? It seems most inappropriate considering the current traffic problems on the A61 even before the mass of new development permitted in Wimgerworth is built, whilst Holymoorside remains blissfully in the shadows.

Nancy Winter

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Representation ID: 9200

OBJECT Mr John Winter


The access is dangerous, and this in one of the few unspoilt areas left in the area because of huge developments. The infrastructure cannot cope with more people.

More details about Rep ID: 9200

Representation ID: 9198

OBJECT Miss Denise Robinson


...redacted... - new estate with large population of young children, taking valuable, safe playing area

More details about Rep ID: 9198

Representation ID: 9184

OBJECT Mrs Susan Boam


Only safe play area for children on greenways.

More details about Rep ID: 9184

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