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Representations on Examination Consultation Provision for Gypsies and Travellers - Site GT/06 - Greenway, Wingerworth, Question 25

Representation ID: 9731

OBJECT June Hancock


* The site has been considered unsuitable by the District Council owing accessibility problems.
* The only access to the site is from the A61. This presents a significant hazard to road users, pedestrians and potential site users.
* Utilising the land for semi-residential pitches would constitute both an infringement of privacy and noise nuisance both to those using the site and those neighbouring it.
* Consideration must be given to the relationship of proposed sites with the surrounding community. The established community has made it overwhelmingly clear that the proposed site sits too close to the established housing for any effective community cohesion to be established.

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Representation ID: 9728

OBJECT Mr Paul Gibbons


Summary by Officer

Concern that the site could be unsuitable due to former mine workings. Old maps should be checked and ground radar used to investigate the site.

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Representation ID: 9715

OBJECT Derbyshire County Council (Mr Steven Buffery)


Summary by Officer

Highways Comments
A satisfactory access is not achievable from Greenway, due to insufficient width, at the site boundary with the publicly maintainable highway.

When taking account of the planned changes to the road layout associated with the consented housing site opposite the proposed site, the provision of a safe access direct from the A61 is not possible.

Landscape Comments
The site is relatively small and unlikely to have any significant landscape or visual effects.

Flood Risk Comments
There are no flood risk issues associated with the proposed use of the site.

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Representation ID: 9661

OBJECT Cllr Barry Lewis


I realise that the Greenway site has been removed from the process but I am also given to understand you are still accepting views on the matter. I support the views of many residents local to this location that the proposed site is unsuitable for the purpose and would exacerbate an already difficult local traffic situation - a view arrived at, I believe, by officers of NEDDC following consultation with DCC as Highways Authority. I also understand, and which may be the more likely reason for the sites withdrawal, there is a covenant on the site as a condition of gifting it to NEDDC that stipulates that the usage of the site should be restricted to recreation. Could you clarify please?

More details about Rep ID: 9661

Representation ID: 9641

OBJECT Ms. Emily Briddock


Summary by Officer.

Turning onto derby road is already a dangerous task let alone adding another access point into the mix by building the site.

The road is always busy and the proposed entrance would be on a bend making it very dangerous. NEDDC have already said they no longer want the site used for this purpose.

The site is currently used a short cut to derby road when walking to school and I wouldn't feel safe doing this if it was to go ahead. The site is well-used. The field floods in places so wouldn't be suitable and there are properties that overlook the field which surely is a breach of privacy to both parties. Not to mention the new housing development been built opposite! I am strongly against these plans.

More details about Rep ID: 9641

Representation ID: 9632

OBJECT Miss Sarah Hardy


Summary by Officer.

Access off Derby Road A61, the road is congested and with additional access to the new Bellway site, it would be dangerous to have this site.

The site is small and only allow a small number of caravans to be sited here. There would be no room to expand, the site will be quickly filled.

The site is in a built up area in the middle of a housing estate. The other proposed sites are more rural and do not directly affect as many residents.

This is an invasion of privacy for the number of houses that are directly affected by the site being at the end of their garden.

The site is used as a recreational ground and as a cut through to Derby Road. It is my understanding that there is a legal covenant stating the site can only be used for children of the local estate.

More details about Rep ID: 9632

Representation ID: 9631

OBJECT Wingerworth Parish Council (Charlotte Taylor)


The use of this site as a traveller site would have a significant adverse impact on the landscape. The proposed site is used by local residents as a green space and has a public footpath running through the site.

Vehicular access to the site from the A61 would be challenging, both in terms of the access from the highway and the volume of traffic already on the road. In addition to this a new development is in progress opposite the proposed site and the entrance would be almost directly opposite the entrance to the development. The Council do not feel that this would offer either suitable or safe access to either vehicles or pedestrians.

The proposed location could also impact the health and well-being of anyone using the site due to the noise and air pollution generated from being adjacent to a major trunk road.

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Representation ID: 9550

OBJECT Liberal Democrats (Cllr David Hancock)


Summary by Officer.

Site considered unsuitable by the District Council owing accessibility problems.

Proposed access would be on a blind bend onto A61, immediately after the brow of a hill opposite new housing development. Potential hazard to road users, pedestrians and site users. Historic applications on site rejected due to unsafe access. Manoeuvring on the site unsafe.

Site is currently a well-used amenity, it was a condition of the original planning permission that it be retained as green space.

Concern over privacy, overlooking, and noise nuisance to those using the site and those neighbouring it.

Site prone to becoming marshy and flooding during bad weather.

Concern over impact on community cohesion.

The site must be sustainable, in regards to coexistence with local community. Traffic and commercial vehicles using the site would cause disruption to neighbouring residents.

Gypsy Liaison Group confirmed preference for expansion of privately managed sites

More details about Rep ID: 9550

Representation ID: 9528

OBJECT Mr & Mrs Ian & Dawn Hart


Access to the proposed site - the only suitable access to the site would have to be from the main A61 Derby Road. We would stress that if you pursue the plans to situate the site on this piece of land you would be putting even greater strain on the already congested A61 Derby Road. The proposed site is situated at the bottom of a steep hill with a bad bend at the bottom. There is already a junction for the new Bellway Housing Development being created, which is directly opposite the proposed Gypsy/Traveller site. The road is treacherous in winter and to add another junction to this stretch of road would be dangerous.

Loss of green space - this speaks for itself, we cannot keep losing our green spaces.

Disruption and noise nuisance - the proposed site has several houses situated close by.

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Representation ID: 9526

OBJECT M Chapman


I wish to object to the proposal of a gypsy / traveler site on Greenway wingerworth GT/06 due to the additional traffic it would cause. It has always busy on this road but the recent addition of multiple new housing developments will make it worse in the future and to add a entrance for the proposed traveller site on a fast busy bend on a hill would no doubt cause a fatal or serious accident in the future

More details about Rep ID: 9526

Representation ID: 9497

OBJECT E Wallace


I would like to make my opposition known to the proposed Gypsy and Travller Site on the A61 at Wingerworth. It is not the right place for a site for many reasons, a few are listed below:
-a very congested road.
-a new housing estate opposite the site approx. 300 new homes.
-even more congestion on the roads due to at least 2000 new homes being built in a radius of 2 miles.

More details about Rep ID: 9497

Representation ID: 9481

OBJECT Bellway Homes Limited (East Midlands) represented by Pegasus Group (East Midlands Office) (Mr James Hicks)


Summary by Officer

An access to site GT/06 would require vehicles to turn right from the A61 in to the site from a position within the right turning lane of the ghost island provided to shelter vehicles turning right in to Hanging Banks. This would be unsafe and lead to unacceptable impacts on highway safety. For that reason, Derbyshire County Council were correct to say that access to site GT/06 could not be safely provided and North East Derbyshire District Council are correct to withdraw their promotion of the site. Bellway support that position, agreeing that site GT/06 cannot be safely accessed from the A61, for the reasons cited in the attached ADC Infrastructure Report.

More details about Rep ID: 9481

Representation ID: 9465

OBJECT Mr Steven Matthewman


Summary by Officer.

The proposed site is not suitable as it will disturb a quiet, and safe community.
Concern over impact on crime.

Existing development in surrounding area, Mill Lane, the Avenue and across the road from Greenway.

Traffic already bad due to existing developments, and traveller site will exacerbate this.

Concern over impact on property value.

Gypsy and traveller organisations do not want the site, and prefer extensions to current permanent sites. Other sites available.

The site at Greenway is not large enough to accommodate proposed pitches.

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Representation ID: 9462

OBJECT Mrs Pam Windley


Summary by Officer.

The site turns into and out of the busy Derby Road, access is below the brow of a hill.
Caravans move slowly. A61 already prone to accidents

Public Footpath:
Residents use the public footpath which runs across this land, it is a shortcut to bus stops, especially for residents with walking difficulties.

Children's play area:
There is a covenant on this land to be used for children to play on.

Traveller's cultural way of living should be respected and considered.

What should also be considered includes:
-Impact on residents.
-Impact on property prices.
-Privacy for existing residents, and travellers (being overlooked).
-Site being set on a hill
-Possible Flood Risk.
-New housing estate across the road, and impact on the sales of these new homes.
-Proximity to existing residential properties.

More details about Rep ID: 9462

Representation ID: 9404

OBJECT Ms Marie Holmes


Summary by Officer.

Traffic and Access: this stretch of the A61 has been a danger area for over 60 years. The southern entrance to Hunloke estate has had a bus stop re-sited because of numerous accidents. The northern entrance will have a new roundabout system.

Scale and Design: this is a well established residential area with sections of Wingerworth having a village like atmopshere. A transient pocket of people is totally inappropriate.

Consultation: Planners of NEDDC should have consulted with Ministry of transport and local people to gain information on this siting.

Environment: Bellway homes have already killed a hedgerow to provide a new entrance/exit into the new housing estate. I have many wildlife in my garden. The diverse countryside aspects I and my neigbours currentyl enjoy will slowly disappear.

More details about Rep ID: 9404

Representation ID: 9403

OBJECT Mr Frank Mankiewicz


I would like to add my objections to the proposed travellers site on Greenways Wingerworth. The site would be at the centre of an area increasingly congested with serval hundred new houses being built in the immediate area. Access onto the A61 would be dangerous as it is a fast flowing road near a bend. In winter cottage hill which any access would come on to can be icy with cars skidding and getting stuck. There have been numerous collisions on this road in the past. How this small bit of green belt land which was originally left for a children's play area got included in the consultation is beyond ridiculous.

More details about Rep ID: 9403

Representation ID: 9399

OBJECT Mr I M Walton


I am writing to you about the proposed site for gypsy and traveller pitches. This proposal is quite unacceptable in this area. Apart from the lack of privacy, poor access from tge busy Derby Road, and a new housing development across the A61, this proposed area is a play area for children who use this in the summer and is also a public footpath. I hope you will reconsider this idea.

More details about Rep ID: 9399

Representation ID: 9369

OBJECT Dr Hilary Arksey


Summary by Officer.

The A61 is already a busy and dangerous road, and will get even busier when nearby developments are completed. Access would be difficult and potentially dangerous, as it is on a bend towards the end of a descent.

Mobile homes would need a suitably large turning circle/space to allow entry and exit from the site. The high traffic volume on the A.61 would introduce a substantial safety risk to road users and pedestrians.

Site currently well used by walkers. This community/local amenity would be lost if it were to be replaced by a traveller site.

Is there any evidence of need for a traveller site at this particular location?

A traveller site at this location would not be in keeping with the local environment and existing settled community. An influx of population would run the risk of increased noise pollution and reduced privacy.

More details about Rep ID: 9369

Representation ID: 9347

OBJECT Miss Julie Liversidge


Summary by Officer.

The sight would not be right for travellers as they would have no provision for emergency pitches or stop over provisions. The site would be overlooked by the new housing development across the road, it would be visible from the main road as much of the hedges will be lost to provide an access road onto the already overburdened A61. The site offers no provisions for grazing live stocks and dogs and other animals. Have the travellers and gypsy community been invited to the consolation events?

The site is small and may not facilitate a road provision to allow two cars to pass within it. The report fails to mention the new roundabout that is planned for the top of Mill Road, and the blind hill making taking large vans onto the site problematic. This stretch of the A61 has had several Road Traffic Accidents and flooding issues.

More details about Rep ID: 9347

Representation ID: 9342

OBJECT Mr Darrell Rynott


I wish to back the local council decision to drop the proposed site at Greenway , Wingerworth, Chesterfield . For the following reason
1 The site is opposite the building of 250 houses on the Hanging Banks development and access to the traveler site will be dangerous as well as introducing even more traffic on to the A 61 ( which in itself will become a traffic jam disaster to this area with all the development going on ) THE COUNCIL OWN THE LAND AND ON THIS OCCASION ARE RIGHT TO WITHDRAW THE PROPOSED SITE FROM THIER ORIGINAL PLAN

More details about Rep ID: 9342

Representation ID: 9329

OBJECT Bill Noakes


The site is in an area of high housing demand, but accessed from a fast, busy road that is vital to the regional economy. This creates a number of reasons to make the site unsuitable.

More details about Rep ID: 9329

Representation ID: 9322

OBJECT Ms Linsey Kay


Summary by Officer

We feel that if the site was to go ahead in the village it would cause extreme damage to the environment in the area.

Surely the proposed site would cause damage to the natural habitat in the area? Especially with all the new developments and the countryside

The site is in no way in keeping with the area and surroundings in Wingerworth, also we feel that the village is already being stretched enough with all the new housing in relation to local services and utilities supplied to the area.

Concern about access. The site location would create an accident black spot, increasing accident rates along the already congested A61. Traffic will try to overtake traveller vans and caravans pulling into the site, the A61 is a 50mph road that is already extremely congested with future housing developments, such as opposite Bellway development, looking to significantly increase that issue.

More details about Rep ID: 9322

Representation ID: 9316

OBJECT Ms Debbie Pulman


Summary by Officers. the near future,with the ongoing housing developments along A61,there will be at least 4 folds increase to the volume of traffic along A61,making it extremely difficult for the residence of greenway to access/exit the estate safely.

2. The stretch of A61, where the proposed site ,is a well known accident black spot ,due to the bend on the road and sharp descend in its approach to the proposed access point. The safety of greenway residents who use the public footpath for access through the site will also need to be considered.

3. Concern over flood risk.

4. Concern over effects on the environment, and noise and air pollution.

More details about Rep ID: 9316

Representation ID: 9308

OBJECT Miss Ruth Brookes


This site is completely unsuitable at the heart of a long established community. The site is too small and vehicle access to the site from the already very busy A61 would be very dangerous. Belway are also building a large number of houses opposite this proposed site at Curzon Park which will also add to the congestion on the A61.

The privacy of the existing residents on Greenway will be invaded as they will be overlooked by the travellers and the travellers will have no privacy as they will also be overlooked.
This will also put more pressure on local resources, infrastructure & amenities which will already be stretched with the large amount of building in the area.

I think that the council has not allowed enough time for consultation on these plans and that there is not enough evidence to support this decision, this choice of site is inappropriate and should be withdrawn

More details about Rep ID: 9308

Representation ID: 9303

OBJECT Mr & Mrs Green


Summary by Officer.

Objection to site.

1. Entry to the site from the A61 endangers both travlleing community accessing the site and other users of the A61. Countless accidents already happen on the A61.
2. Traffic will increase further
3. Safety of residents to the site. Children may run the risk of crossing the A61 outside the site without considering the pelican crossing
4. Concern over privacy for users of the site and those in surrounding properties.
5. Possible covenant. Site only to be used as a local amenity for the residents of the estate.
6. Financial constraints. Cost implications for developing the site must be borne in mind as the financial burden to local taxpayers to provide just 4 plots is inconceivable. It could be underused, ineffective and a waste of tax payers money.

More details about Rep ID: 9303

Representation ID: 9302

OBJECT Ms. Tricia Bellamy


I wish to register my objections to the proposed site on the Adlinton estate due to concerns around road safety and privacy for both existing properties and for the proposed caravan sites.
The new housing estate at Hanging banks , along with the new builds all along the derby Road and at the back of the Aadlington Estate will make that part of the Derby road a potential danger to all users , and adding to the in lets to it can only make this danger worse .

More details about Rep ID: 9302

Representation ID: 9287

OBJECT Mrs Diana Ruff


Access to this proposed site from the A61. The A61 is already struggling with the increase of traffic from all the new developments being built. The new access would be opposite a major new development. Even Highways have now concluded that this would be inappropriate.

More details about Rep ID: 9287

Representation ID: 9275

OBJECT Cllr Michael Hardman


I am sending this email to voice my strong objections to the possible travellers site off Greenway Wingerworth.

The residents in the small Adlington estate have already been subject to a lot of disruption due to the major house building scheme on Mill Lane.

The roads on the estate are small and also Derby Road is very congested .

It is not fair or appropriate to put the site there.

More details about Rep ID: 9275

Representation ID: 9264

OBJECT Ms/ Mr Sharp


Summary by officer.

There is already a large building project going on the old avenue coking works and on the hanging banks site.
Significant impact on traffic along the A61; currently every morning and evening traffic is extremely heavy; adding an extra access on the A61 will cause accidents.
The proposed site is on the edge of a very nice housing estate and is a field used by local children to play in.
Drainage system already overstretched; if you travel along this stretch of road after a heavy rain storm the road is flooded, so adding this development will cause major problems.
The local schools are already over subscribed and cannot cope with the extra places needed.
Local residents don`t have enough time to put up their complaints.
This type of development will not be good for the area

More details about Rep ID: 9264

Representation ID: 9240

OBJECT Mr Darrel Widdeson


Summary by Officer.

Only possible vehicle access would be direct from the A61 - a road which is already struggling to cope with the current volume of traffic - meaning that access to and from the site would be, at best, problematic and, at worst, dangerous.

I understood that a historic application to install play equipment to the site was refused because of the lack of appropriate vehicular access. It would therefore nonsense for the Council to suggest that more regular vehicle movements could be accommodated.

More details about Rep ID: 9240

Representation ID: 9234

OBJECT Liberal Democrats (Mr Ross Shipman)


Summary and Element by Officer.

-The only possible vehicular access to the site is from the A61. The proposed access would be on a blind bend, immediately after the brow of Cottage Hill. This presents a significant hazard to road users, pedestrians and potential site users.Manoeuvring caravans within the site would be extremely difficult.
-The site would constitute both an infringement of privacy and noise nuisance to those using the site and those neighbouring.
-There are drainage concerns, given that existing problems from surrounding developments are causing surface water flooding. Any potential additional hard-surfacing would increase the level of surface water flooding.

More details about Rep ID: 9234

Representation ID: 9226

OBJECT Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (Libby Duggan-Jones)


Summary by Officer.

No objection to the site in principle; concerns listed below:

Site dominated by amenity grassland, with some scrub and trees along boundaries.
Site is general of low ecological value, with the boundary features providing most interest.
Site likely to be used by wildlife including birds, hedgehogs and foxes, however protected species constraints are unlikely. No badger setts noted, although some 'push throughs' were recorded in west and north, possibly created by foraging badgers from setts in the local area.
A (non-EIA) ecological impact assessment should be undertaken to accompany any planning application.
It's assumed that the development would result in the loss of the amenity grassland and potentially some of the western hedgerow for access.

Where practicable, boundary vegetation should be retained, including the mature ash tree. All trees should be adequately protected with Root Protection Areas.

Unlikely to be any ecological constraints significant enough to prevent development of the site.

More details about Rep ID: 9226

Representation ID: 9210

OBJECT Mr Alastair McNeill


The development is too close to existing dwellings and will have a significant detrimental impact on the market value of local properties.

The site is currently council owned public open space. Is it not against council policy to remove public open space?

I believe that access onto the A61 cannot be achieved safely.

I believe this has the potential to sever the community as there would be a reluctance to use this path for safety reasons.

The site would have high levels of pollution and would expose users to dangerous levels of pollution that could have long lasting health effects.

More details about Rep ID: 9210

Representation ID: 9206

OBJECT Mr Matthew Beal


Additional Access to the A61 which is already overloaded must be considered as inappropriate.
The impact to adjoining properties which are very close to this proposed site seems to be completely disregarded in this proposal, the site being small it seems a waste of resources to allocate this for the intended use.

More details about Rep ID: 9206

Representation ID: 9204

OBJECT Mr Simon Crossett


Vehicle access to this land would be extremely dangerous given the speed limit on that section on a bend in the A61. Previous application for play equipment refused due to no safe vehicle access. All utilities already under pressure due to housing developments. We are in a smoke free zone. Noise and air pollution from power generators running will cause disturbance. That section of derby road is already suffering flooding problems. Loss of this small but well used and highly valued green space would be detrimental to local children and other residents.

More details about Rep ID: 9204

Representation ID: 9203

OBJECT Mrs Alexandra Crossett


Water drainage in the area has been reported as being at full capacity. Further strain on these could add to the flooding risk.
Exiting into Derby Road will further add to the high traffic levels. Exiting into the corner of Greenway crosses existing footpaths into a road with a large amount of parked vehicles.
The area is densely populated, removing safe green space used by local residents is unhealthy.
It will increase litter and air pollution and increase both stationery and moving vehicles in the vicinity, which is already at capacity due to all the recently built housing developments.

More details about Rep ID: 9203

Representation ID: 9199

OBJECT Mrs Ann Chaplen


There are no utilities to this area it is the only safe green play area for children and the access to the A61 Derby Road would be catastrophic - it is right on the bend on the bottom of a hill and the traffic fly down there as it is a 50 mph zone why would you put caravan or car access to such a dangerous spot this is ludicrous!

More details about Rep ID: 9199

Representation ID: 9196

SUPPORT Mr Skye Hayes


No to near to local residents in this area
I think its very bad idea and move plan elsewhere fully

More details about Rep ID: 9196

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